Revisiting God’s Wisdom: The Case for Biblical Polygyny in a World of Fornication and Broken Homes

Rob Kowalski
3 min readNov 28, 2023

This topic will certainly raise a few eyebrows but bear with me — we’re talking about the church’s shift away from polygyny and how it is clearly tied to some modern-day issues.

Now, let’s get real. The moment the Christian church took a U-turn on polygyny, it set off a chain reaction leading to what we see today — rampant fornication, prostitution, broken homes, and a whole lot of chaos. Why? Because, in ditching God’s laws around sex and marriage, we opened the door for men to play around without facing the music.

In God’s playbook, there were life-long responsibilities attached to intimate relationships. If a man seduces a virgin, he’s not off the hook. No, sir. He’s MUST put a ring on it, whether he’s already hitched or not. It’s a built-in safeguard for women and families, a rule designed to keep men from being reckless players. God’s laws protect women and families, man’s laws destroy it.

Fast forward to today’s enforced Christian monogamy — it might seem all righteous on the surface, but scratch a bit, and you’ll find a mess of issues underneath. The reality is, that when a guy with one wife decides to have a little side action, things often end in tears and divorce threats. And who suffers the most? The woman left in the dust. Now that girl is far worse off as the rate of divorce for women exponentially increases with each sex partner.

Now, picture this in God’s law — that man is obliged to marry the woman he seduced, no questions asked. It’s not about encouraging a free-for-all, but it’s a responsible way of handling the consequences. It protects virgin women, it keeps men accountable, and it prevents the chaos we see today.

Nothing is more destructive socially than a bunch of unmarried women running around. Ironically, reducing the number of available women through polygyny would INCREASE a woman’s power in the sexual marketplace, because there would be less single women which would incentivize men to marry younger to rope one in.

So, before we brush off biblical polygyny as something that was only “allowed by God” thousands of years ago, let’s take a moment to reflect on how it is the missing link to solving many of the issues we face — from rampant fornication to the heartbreaking cycle of throwing women away. It’s time to give God’s original playbook another look.

The reason society resents it is because that’s what we have been programmed to think. But before you rail against biblical polygyny because you have been socially conditioned to do so, just use common sense to see that not only does biblical polygyny solve a lot of these problems, but prevents most of them altogether. Biblical polygyny, or should I say, Biblical marriage is the key to a healthier, more responsible society.

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