The DANGER of Dating Someone Thirsty

Rob Kowalski
2 min readSep 15, 2021

If you want to be sure your someone’s Mr. or Mrs. Right, make sure they have some evidence of saying no to all the Mr. and Mrs. Right Now’s on the way getting to you.

When I first committed to not having sex until marriage (yes you read that right) and broke up with my beautiful girlfriend (who I’d been cheating on), it was a really hard adjustment. I didn’t even know how to live without a girl by my side.

It was only then that I started asking myself the hard questions like, “what are you REALLY looking for?” Up until I made this commitment I just hopped from girl to girl, sometimes drifting into a “committed relationship”, but ALWAYS looking over my shoulder at the next girl wondering in the back of my mind if I could be happier with her.

This is the danger of dating someone:

1) Not committed to waiting.

2) Thirsty af with no experience being single.

You just drift from mediocre relationship to mediocre relationship never finding REAL love. Don’t do it ✋

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